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Still looking for a new flatmate...
odd eyes
So, I'm in the market for a new flatmate. Actually, I should have tried to locate one quite some time ago, but my (limited) efforts have failed so far, partially because there wasn't that much pressure to locate one, but I'd still quite like to pay less rent...

So, here's the situation. I'm currently short one flatmate, and paying all the rent. This is bad, but given that's possible, I'm willing to be flexible on the level of rent paid. The only restriction here is "no randoms". Ditto for no friends-of-friends: if I haven't met you already, don't bother. There's more uncertainty in that sort of situation than I'm comfortable with, and I'd rather live alone than with someone I don't know.

Officially speaking, the rent is £617 pcm and utilities are ~£50, but quite frankly at this point, make me an offer! Preference will be given to folks who I know better/willing to pay more/move in sooner, but lower offers may well work!

It's in Bow, just around the corner of Bow Road station (prod me for full address if you don't already have it) and the transport links are great (DLR, H&C, District within 2 minutes, Central 10 minutes, many buses inc. 24 hour). It's a lovely flat!

There is the little issue that I'm probably moving out in mid-September when the rental agreement finishes as I'm intending on buying somewhere, but the estate agents we're dealing with seem pretty happy with letting me/whoever else stay on for as many years as you'd like, so you could stick around for as long as you like after that.

Um, help!

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