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Meh, day didn't suck as bad. Was worried about Dutch lesson. Think I screwed up the test a bit, but doesn't really matter. Did well at the electronic tests, and the lesson was ok. Didn't get a callback from the instemming, but again, doesn't matter. Niels (my office mate) still isn't feeling very well - keeps getting tired very easily, and a blood test didn't turn up anything, so he's trying working 2/3rd days. Means my office is more empty, but that just works out that I end up bugging Koen more with new ideas (had one today regarding coping with malicious/moving/messed up nodes in combination with statistic-based localisation. They're all basically the same problem, so you can do smart things working together)

Watching Voyager eps (2x04 "Elogium"). How the fuck did the ocampa survive? Seven year lifespans, they only get to breed once, and from everything I've heard so far, odds are only one kid/birth. That's less than replacement.... no need for a Voluntary Ocampa Extinction Movement

/. poll on "Did you take stuff apart or put it together as a kid?" reminded me that actually the main reason I have for ever wanting kids is a random agreement in my family that the first of me or my brother to have kids gets the Lego. Or was it the Brio? Can't remember... either way it's a lot more expensive and not as good these days, but still lots of fun to play with.

Other things

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odd eyes
A couple of things happened today connecting me to some new people out in the big wide world. I recieved a "woo" from someone on OkCupid (translation: someone thinks I'm vaguely interesting, but can't think of anything to say), which hasn't happened to me before, and it's kinda cool. Pity they're only a 59% match, and not much like me at all really.

Secondly, I got an email from one of the other Tom Parker's - it's a horrifically common name, and every so often I either get an email from one of the others, or from someone asking me if I'm the one that did some random thing. This one considers himself my "bizzaro world double" as he's an arty Macphile. One of these days I'm gonna tour the world and find some of the rest of us. (Given as I'm currently 3rd on a google search for "tom parker", I may get a few more emails like that in the near future)


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