23 April 2004 @ 12:32 am
"You have everything you need right here. You, me, the snowman. Fuck the snowman!" - Bran Van 3000, Speed
Been wanting to have that as the first track of a mix CD for ages. Maybe I will one day.

Have found out I can't watch "White Hole" (favourite Red Dwarf episode ever) on my own any more, because I just sit there and repeat all the lines. When you're going through Lister's little speech on what sorts of toast he doesn't want, and you've got the words "Rameses Niblick the 3rd, kerplunk, kerplunk, whoops! where's my thribble" in your head, it's time to admit you have a problem.

"dlroW olleH"162*>#1-#:\#,_@ - the random looking crap that's been in my MSN name for a day or so. "Hello World" in Unefunge (like Befunge, but only one dimension). Very complicated, looks like line noise. Have been considering the possiblities of an asychronous extension to the Funge-98 specification (specifically altering Concurrent Funge), for various fun ideas involving the use of Befunge as a visual programming idea. So need to try this....
Current Mood: random