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odd eyes
Aftermath of the beard shaving - I get a cold. I'm hoping this is just a coincidence, 'cause it hasn't actually been that cold these last few. Was pretty barmy early this eve actually. But, I've been generally sneezing, headache'd, and having one nostril that's doing a pretty good impression of a tap (almost wrote "faucet", very bad sign). Few ppl at work have noticed the lack of beard, commentary positive where's there's been any. Will be interested to see what happens tommorrow when I actually see lots of friends here again (inc. whole bunch o' women folk, who hopefully will have good things to say about the change).

Usual other stuff (improvements to my algorithm for my paper, ranting about american stupidities, missing Sci-fi doing rocky horror and seeing some photos from it, being grammar/spelling nazi for a paper - actually getting a mention in this one).

Programmer stuff
As some may have noticed, I've re-themed my page in the wake on my now being a paid user and being able to make S2 themes. It's heavily based on the Digital Multiplex theme, main hack is to shift the navbar to the right. Gonna add some other links to various places when I get around to it

Saw something interesting - someone's doing meta-class hacking with Haskell. I thought one of the examples (implementing a printf function as a compile-time meta-program) was somewhat inspired.

Been doing some hacking around to allow me to write a little cron job proggie (in Python naturally) to take msgs out of a mail folder and to auto-mark them as false negatives/positives for my spam filter, as I can't always get to the shell prompt version of this.


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